RAF Akrotiri International 10's Festival of Rugby

2014 Tournament: 19th - 23rd May

The Community at it’s Best!

Welcome to the RAF Akrotiri International Rugby 10s, after the success of the last three year’s revamped tournament, it is hoped that the 2014 tournament will build on this success and cement the tournament’s place in the Rugby calendar. Last year’s event was the third to incorporate 4 separate levels of tournament: Senior, Ladies, Vets and Children’s. This ensured the tournament reaching all parts of the community, adding to the whole atmosphere of the competition and as a consequence, are reflected in this year’s aims.

So what are the aims of the Tournament? There are 5 specific aims for the Akrotiri International 10s, these aims are as follows:

  • To encourage and promote Rugby at all levels
  • Encourage and promote community and team spirit
  • Raise money for Stn Welfare and Stn Charities
  • Ensure good Public Relations and Publicity for RAF Akrotiri, BFC, the Sponsors of the 10s and the Military as a whole
  • Enjoyment for participants and Akrotiri/BFC community

Again, during the tournament week, there will be a comprehensive entertainment programme culminating in the traditional final night concert. As well as the entertainments programme, we will again have a wide range of merchandise available for purchase.

The schedule for the week can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: Spectator access to The Akrotiri 10s tournament is for Entitled Personnel only.

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